Beyond the sporting dimension, Paris–Nice is committed to promoting sustainable mobility. Cycling epitomises leisure and an eco-friendly means of transport and fits in perfectly in the policy of the Tour de France: Riding into the Future.

Sustainable mobility

The organisation's fleet of race vehicles has completed its transition to electric mobility. 50 light vehicles that make up the fleet, is with plug-in hybrid engines.

07/03/2022 - Paris Nice - Etape 2 - Auffargis / Orleans (159,2km) - Depart de la seconde etape
07/03/2022 - Paris Nice - Etape 2 - Auffargis / Orleans (159,2km) - Depart de la seconde etape © A.S.O./Alex Broadway

An ecoresponsible approach

  • Collection zones: In each stage of the race, riders will have 4 collection zones at their disposal for the items that they have discarded, which will be cleaned up by the organiser.
  • Natura 2000 areas: Protecting the environment and safeguarding biodiversity are major concerns for the organisation of Paris–Nice. The Biotope consultant firm has been supporting ASO since 2011 by assessing the impact of the race on the Natura 2000 European network of special nature protection areas. In 2023, the race will go through 37 sensitive areas, which will be strictly monitored. These impact assessments go beyond Natura 2000 sites and also look at natural reserves, regional natural parks and other areas crossed by the race. Protective measures are put on the table to make the public aware of the sensitivity of these places.
11/03/2022 - Paris Nice - Etape 6 - Courthezon / Aubagne (213,6km) -
11/03/2022 - Paris Nice - Etape 6 - Courthezon / Aubagne (213,6km) - © A.S.O./Alex Broadway

Fighting for inclusion

  • For the sixth time in a row, Paris–Nice will roll out the red carpet for the French national team of the French Federation for Adapted Sports on the course of the team time trial held in Dampierre-en-Burly on Tuesday 7 March.
  • In 2022, ASO extended its financial support to the Federation for three years to allow its champions to train with adapted material, scout new talents and develop the Savoir Rouler à Vélo programme as adapted to its target audience.
  • In Paris–Nice, this team will tackle the official course an hour before the pros.
09/03/2022 - Paris Nice - Etape 4 - Domerat / Montlucon (13,4km CLM) -
09/03/2022 - Paris Nice - Etape 4 - Domerat / Montlucon (13,4km CLM) - © A.S.O./Alex Broadway

During the race, Paris–Nice wants to beat the drum for Café Joyeux, a social enterprise and non-profit organisation that offers jobs and training to people, mainly individuals with trisomy 21 or cognitive disorders such as autism, and channels all of the value that it creates towards the inclusion of people with all sorts of disabilities. Their mission is to put disability back at the heart of our towns, cities and lives.

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