A city of art and history, Bourges has preserved sumptuous heritage from its glorious past. The Saint-Étienne Cathedral, listed as UNESCO world heritage, the Jacques Cœur palace, Hôtel Lallemant and also the Hôtel des Echevins are all prestigious buildings which, alongside four hundred houses with half-timbered façades, make up the preserved central old district that stretches over sixty-five hectares. Bourges is a green city and its appeal lies in the charm of its neighbourhoods and diversity of its parks. The gentleness of the marshes, the calm of the former Canal de Berry, the harmonious flowering of the Prés Fichaux gardens and the Archbishopric’s palace offer a wide range of relaxing settings. Bourges is also a city of culture that likes to surprise with the unmissable “Printemps de Bourges” music festival in the spring and the shows at its cultural centre, the first of its type at the time to be created in France. Sport occupies an important place in Bourges, with its remarkable basketball team, the Paris-Bourges cycling race and many other national or international events, including, in March, the start of a stage on Paris-Nice!

Châtel-Guyon is a dynamic spa resort in the heart of the Volcans d’Auvergne regional natural park and a town brimming with health, sport and culture that plays host to almost 400 annual events: the jazz festival, the international male voice singing festival, an antiques exhibition, a dog show, cycling races, trails, etc. Its emblematic spa heritage and its preserved environment make it a setting conducive to rest, relaxation and nature-focused activities. Through exploitation of water with the highest magnesium content in all of Europe, Châtel-Guyon welcomes approximately six thousand spa clients per year. In two years’ time, a brand new spa resort focusing on prevention and health will open its doors, giving proof of the town’s dynamism driven by innovation. Châtel-Guyon also benefits from the appeal of the Riom Limagne & Volcans urban community to which it belongs and its many tourist attractions: the Vulcania theme park, the Grotte de la Pierre cavern in Volvic, the town of Riom and its exceptional heritage, the Limagne plain, etc.

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