Thoiry is known for its zoo, which has grown into an invaluable resource for the village thanks to its harmonious blend of nature, history and modernity. Its tenets, management rules and testing of new approaches make it a prime example of an animal park that follows good practices. Visitors are in for a treat, both in summer with the animals and in winter with magic lanterns. Yet Thoiry is also a quaint little village on the edge of Île-de-France that has retained its small-town spirit thanks to an urban development concept with two main planks: safeguarding local jobs, which Thoiry has done successfully; and integrating the village into its environment by protecting its natural areas, taking a rigorous approach to water flow (rain, run-off and output from the treatment plant) and promoting the production of biogas (anaerobic digestion) and renewable power (photovoltaic shelters). Life is good in this little village moving with the times!