With a population of 1,500, Bazainville is spread over 1,203 hectares and includes five hamlets. In the heart of the Houdan plain, it boasts a diversity of landscapes ranging from fields of crops to the Quatre Piliers forest, where nature lovers will find a number of varied rural trails. The historical heritage is eagerly maintained and is an invitation to enjoy the pleasure of strolling through the town. Visitors can discover, among other things, the church of Saint-Nicolas, which dominates the village, and its priory, the remarkable war memorial, the Franc Moreau farm and memorial stone to the martyrs of the Resistance, the listed washing places and the Giboudet Mill. The village’s commercial activities (antiques, second-hand stores, groceries, etc.), craft activities (production of foie gras or decorative objects) and leisure activities, mainly focused on horse-riding, are all respectful of the inhabitants’ quality of life. As for the fifteen or so dynamic and active associations, they offer a number of activities in the village.