Bib N°37
Maximilian Schachmann (ger) born on 09/01/1994 BORA - HANSGROHE/ger
  • Intermediate sprint 2
  • Stages victory 1
  • Victory 0
  • Podium 0


Stage Ranking
1 1 1 1 - -
2 8 1 1 - -
3 13 1 2 - -
4 2 1 1 - -
5 17 1 1 - -
6 12 1 1 - -
7 6 1 2 17 -
8 - - - - -

All news of M. Schachmann

Interview - 14/03 - 15:12

Schachmann: “My most important win”

It was very, very hard. I think you saw Konrad, and Schwarzmann and Grosschartner controlled the race for me but it was really hard at the finish. The last three kilometres were a walk through hell, through pain. Now it’s like being in heaven and it erases all the pain in my legs. It’s not my first success but the biggest so far and the most important because a whole...

Interview - 13/03 - 17:08

Schachmann: “Definitely not finished”

The race was full on and I did not see the bend. It was really crazy. I had a little gap, I came back a bit too fast and I made a mistake. It’s definitely not finished but I feel good. Tomorrow we’ll probably ride a bit different.  

Interview - 12/03 - 16:50

Schachmann: “A really hard day”

We expected an easier day but it was a really hard day, especially the last 70 or 60 km because the breakaway was so strong and we had to work hard to catch them. It was hard for everybody. I presume Sergio from EF Pro Cycling is still my main competitor because he’s an excellent climber and he’s the closest at the moment. He should be my main competitor in the next...

Interview - 11/03 - 17:08

Schachmann: "I think there's a chance"

I wanted to make it better than in Algarve two weeks ago (4th). I went just full gas in the climbs. I think Soren Kragh was super fast but I came close so I’m happy. You can expect a fight until the end. I will fight as much as possible to defend the jersey. I already checked the climbs and I know what to expect. Its’ going to be hard but I think there’s a chance.


Interview - 10/03 - 17:39

Maximilian Schachmann: “Tomorrow is the next challenge”

The last 19 kilometres were really difficult, just to secure the position in the front. Everybody was ready for a big crosswind action but it actually took place in the last eight kilometres. In the end there were a few bad crashes. I hope nobody is injured. In the end I made it. I showed in the past I could ride good time trials. I want to defend this beautiful jersey. I’m...

Interview - 09/03 - 16:55

Maximilian Schachmann: “A perfect situation”

I really need to thank my team who helped me all day. It was hard as we didn’t expect the rain and in the end it was so hot… They brought me to the front a few times and then in the big action, Peter (Sagan) made such a huge effort to spit up the front group. We had a great chance today, we tried to make the lead-out with Felix but well… It shows how well...

Interview - 08/03 - 15:22

Schachmann: "A great team to defend the jersey"

Everything went fine. I launched the sprint from the last position and I moved a little bit to the left. Luckily Peter protected me a lot in the finale. It’s my hardest race so far this season. I did not have great legs but in the end, I felt that in spite of the pain, I still had some strength left to make it back on the two leaders in the last climb.


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