Daniel Martinez: "Always proud to win for Colombia"

March 16 th 2019 - 17:35

"The break was a very strong one and I knew the qualities of each rider in it. I analysed each one of them, knowing that the mountain always puts you back in your place. In the finale, we really watched each other. I knew what my place was. I was tired but I gave everything I had left in the last kilometer. I was more afraid of Simon Yates because he won the TT and was in great form.
We showed that Colombia was a great cycling power. We are all great friends and it also helps. Even we all compete in our own interest, we're always proud to win for Colombia. It's a very important victory for me because it's one of the greatest races in the world and a great honour to win here. From now I can only progress.
With Bernal and Lopez, we are different riders. Bernal is younger and he's also better in time trials."

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