In the heart of Provence, Salon-de-Provence is a historic town with considerable heritage based around the Château de l’Empéri castle, the Nostradamus Museum, the Saint Laurent collegiate Church and the town’s clock tower. The town is also renowned for its air force base which is the home to the famous Patrouille de France aerobatics team, as well as its soap producers who built up the town’s wealth in the 19th century. Salon is a town that is ideal for strolling around, through its shaded squares, by its sublime bubbling fountains and in front of its charming terraces. Salon is also a town of art and boasts a diverse cultural programme, combining theatre, dance, music, museums and exhibitions. Why not take an excursion through the exceptional natural heritage of the town and its surrounding villages, their parks and pine forests, before visiting the famous Barben Zoo or the pretty port of Saint-Chamas? This multi-faceted area’s appeal lies in both its vitality and quality of life.

Sisteron has always assumed its historical role of a stronghold and guard-post on a route used by soldiers, traders, merchants and important figures of the Kingdom of France. In turbulent and troubled times throughout the centuries, Sisteron has always been an element of equilibrium. As a city affiliated to the States of Provence from the 13th century, it has always considered itself to be Provencal in character. 
The town looks to the future, bolstering and developing its economy and culture thanks to a coherent and well-structured urban policy. 
Sisteron has long been a first-rate tourist spot, thanks to its remarkable location on the banks of the Durance River, its status as a gateway between the Provence and Dauphiné regions, as well as a natural passage on the route heading northwards. 
The town’s desire to promote its heritage and highlight modern artistic creation have enabled the development of cultural tourism.

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