Domérat, the second biggest town in the conurbation of Montluçon, is home to almost 9,000 people spread across 35km². It is an amalgam of hamlets and villages with their own distinct histories, identities and, in some cases, schools.

An important economic hub, Domérat has a host of commercial, artisanal and industrial undertakings that includes Safran-Sagem, the crown jewel and biggest company of the Allier department.

Its natural environment, blessed with numerous green spaces, is criss-crossed by 150 km of tracks for cyclists, mountain bikers, hikers, joggers, trail runners and horse riders. La Pérelle hosts leisure centres and various cultural events in the summer, as well as Le Château, a wine estate currently being redeveloped.

As for heritage, the eclectic architecture of the Church of Our Lady of Domérat reflects the multiple influences on the region, with an ovoid dome, an 11th-century crypt and a singular "RF" inscribed on its pediment.

The town's cuisine, with specialities such as an invigorating potato pâté and pompe aux grattons, is on a par with its other assets.

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