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Everything is ready for the start in Houilles, but also for the events and activities planned as part of the «Tous Cyclistes en Yvelines» operation (cycling for all in Yvelines). Afterwards, the new PMU green jersey will make its appearance on the roads and the Cadets-Juniors will be opening proceedings before the main show from the elite riders...

For the fourth year running, the start of Paris-Nice will take place in the Yvelines department, kicking off a year rich in cycling events for the area, since the Château de Versailles will be the prestigious backdrop for the start of the last stage on the 100th Tour de France on 21st July. The town of Houilles has been chosen to host the riders for a 2.9-km prologue. However, the locals will have already started to get into the swing of all things two-wheeled from the start of the weekend, because an exhibition and a “village” will be set up in the Parc Charles de Gaulle (open at 10 AM on 2nd and 3rd March). Introductions to BMX or Trial riding will be available for children, for example. Their elders, who, since 1972, have developed the habit of thronging into the town's streets for the famous corrida pédestre running race at the end of December, will be able to spend their energy on a series of races for all levels, between 20 km and 110 km… but this time on two wheels.

Many riders see Paris-Nice as an initial yardstick in the outlook to the forthcoming Tour de France in the summer. This year, they will discover a new element on the race giving an even stronger taste of July: the green jersey awarded to the leader of the points classification will bear the PMU logo just like on Le Tour. Thanks to its presence for more than 25 years in the pack of the Big Loop, PMU symbolises sprinting excellence. The green jersey that it will now be sponsoring on Paris-Nice, as well as on the Critérium du Dauphiné, will be coveted by some of the discipline's leading specialists, such as Tom Boonen or Alessandro Petacchi, both green jersey winners on Le Tour, but also Mark Renshaw or Marcel Kittel.

The Cadets-Juniors operation, powered by Culture Vélo, has, for more than ten years, allowed young riders on the Tour de France to get a taste of the race's atmosphere and test themselves on a part of the stages' routes. The cyclists are selected by clubs from each French department, before pedalling along the roads as a curtain raiser for the elite riders. For the last two years, this event has been expanded to all the stage races organised in France by ASO. Since the week during which Paris-Nice takes place also coincides with the French winter school holidays, it has been possible to invite the Cadets-Juniors to take part in 7 of the race's 8 days. For the first time, a selection of young girl riders has been invited, for the Châtel-Guyon - Brioude stage.

Paris-Nice and its 8 days of racing are an opportunity for all cycling enthusiasts to experience one of the year's first cycling sagas. Thanks to the 24 broadcasters representing 39 television channels in total, action from the race will be visible in 170 countries. Seventeen of these broadcasters have decided to show the race live (or via a time-shifted showing) to their viewers. This is the case for France Télévisions and Eurosport, who each day will be producing a broadcast over an hour long showing the last 50 km of the stage, but also newcomer TDN, a sports channel present in 8 countries in Central America. Before switching on their televisions, the most impatient cycling fans will be able to keep up with the latest action on the race via the official web site, whose breaking news feed will also be available for the first time on the race's Twitter feed (

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